LearnGPR.com Hosting Free World Trenchless Day Webinar

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is becoming a popular technique for locating and mapping utilities and other infrastructure during the damage prevention process. However, the way the technology works and what its role is in the damage prevention and utility locating processes remains unclear to many. For this reason, the technology remains underutilized.

For World Trenchless Day – Sept. 22, 2016 – LearnGPR.com is hosting a FREE live webinar on at 1 p.m. to educate the community on GPR. This live webinar is open to anyone interested in protecting the world’s infrastructure and will stream directly from our YouTube Channel.

During This Free Live Training, You Will Learn:

1. The basics of GPR including: how GPR works, what kind of waves it produces, and how different materials affect GPR performance.

2. How GPR compares to traditional locating equipment such as EM locators and if the these techniques are complimentary or contradictory

3. And get a chance to get your questions answered by an expert.

You can subscribe to our channel and get notified when the webinar begins or Click Here for additional information.

LearnGPR.com is the internet’s best online training platform for ground penetrating radar. Through our easy-to-follow, fun, and engaging GPRbasics course, we have taught many surveyors, engineers, and technicians the fundamentals of this technology to help improve survey outcomes, reduce damage to critical infrastructure, and manage client expectations.



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