Publisher Shares World Trenchless Day Video, Poem

The inaugural World Trenchless Day Р22.09.16 Рcoincided with the biennial No-Dig Live in the United Kingdom. Trenchless Technology publisher Bernard P. Krzys attended the show as did North American Society for Trenchless Technology executive director Mike Willmets. The two shot a video encouraging support for World Trenchless Day (see below).

Krzys also penned a World Trenchless Day poem.


“The True Meaning of World Trenchless Day”

Backhoes, excavators, and trenchers came to a stop today.

Why’s that–because it’s World Trenchless Day.

No more disruptions in our lives;

No more detour drives.

Our environment is saved.

People all over the land are shouting “we’re saved!”

Oh what a happy day;

It’s World Trenchless Day.

And oh yes — feel free to send along my poem; or maybe better yet, create your own version. Send me along your poem, assuming you do one. Email Krzys at

Mike Kezdi


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