Trenchless technology, often referred to as no-dig construction, is an alternative and complement to traditional open-cut construction methods. Some of the major benefits of trenchless technology include:

  • Environmentally Friendly – Using specialized equipment underground infrastructure is installed, repaired or replaced with minimal ecological disturbance. Infrastructure can be installed under buildings, under forests, under wetlands and bodies of water.
  • Minimal Disturbance to Surroundings – No one likes their home, business or morning commute to be affected by construction. The footprint for a trenchless construction zone is smaller and often times done in an existing right of way.
  • Decreased Rehabilitation Time – Because trenchless construction methods require little digging, the time to rehabilitate the work area to as-found or better condition is decreased.
  • Saves Time – With decreased disturbance, projects using trenchless methods take less time to complete. Less time means less inconvenience associated with a construction project.
  • Saves Money – Because projects can be completed in less time – including prep and restoration – with decreased disturbance, projects that incorporate trenchless save money.