Host a World Trenchless Day Party or Networking Event

If you’re a manufacturer, contractor or engineering firm, gather your co-workers, invite your customers, invite your neighbors and plan a get together. Schools or professional associations can plan a lunch-and-learn event or after hours networking event. The choice is yours. Have fun and spread the good word about trenchless technologies.

Host a Site Visit or Open House

Maybe a party isn’t your cup of tea. Why not host a facility open house or project site visit. Invite your local elected officials and policy-makers and let them get an up close and personal look at what trenchless is all about.

Release a Research Paper or Report

World Trenchless Day focuses on educating people about trenchless technology and its benefits. What better way than releasing a report or paper focused on a trenchless topic?

Write an Op-Ed

As an industry, we know the state of the world’s underground infrastructure or, in some places, the lack thereof. Write to your local newspaper, explain the situation, the need for funding and how trenchless technology play a pivotal role in the work that needs to be done.

Engage the Next Generation

Schools across the globe push the importance of science technology, engineering and math (STEM). Visit a high school, career-tech center or university and discuss how each of the components fit with the trenchless industry.

Participate on Social Media

Social media is ubiquitous today and it’s a fun and easy way to spread the word about trenchless. When posting your World Trenchless Day news and photos, use the hashtags: #GoTrenchless and #WorldTrenchlessDay. We’ll be sure to share your post and spread the news.

Be Creative

You’re not limited to this list. The goal of World Trenchless Day is to get everyone in the industry involved and engaged in spreading the word. If you come up with something truly innovative, share it with your peers.